I am always looking for the boundaries of every genre to create a unique sound.

My name is Daniel Wullems a.k.a Flowti.

I am a Dutch songwriter, producer and mixing and mastering engineer. My passion for music started at the age of seven when listening to ‘The Chronic’ by Dr. Dre. The excitement of discovering music made me dive deep into the hip hop genre. By the time I was ten years old I was a hip hop fanatic, but also gained interest in the rock and metal genre. Bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Pantera and Slipknot inspired me to pick up a guitar and become a musician. After years of fiddling and playing I decided to pursue a career in music and as such I started in 2016 at the Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam. Graduating in October 2017 I have had the honour to be trained by the best in the field.

My love for music is eclectic, which allows me to be more diverse in my writing and producing. Though Hip-Hop is at the heart of a lot of things I do, my biggest aim is to add elements that make a track unique and recognisable.

I specialise in mixing and mastering, but also do inquiries for other sound related jobs. Aside from production that includes;

vocal editing, tuning and comping.

Dialogue cleaning and editing for interviews.

Live audio.

Podcast recording and editing.